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Upgrade to Grindstone 3.
Take your Timing Data with You.

There’s no need to do any complex conversions or imports. Just download the setup program.
Install and run Grindstone 3. Tell it how to treat your Grindstone 2 data. And it will do the rest.

Follow these steps to begin your upgrade.

Step 1. Read About Big Changes and Download the Grindstone 3 Setup Program.

Before you continue, please take note of the following changes in functionality in Grindstone 3. Depending upon your needs and preferences, they may prompt you to stick with Grindstone 2 for the time being.

  • Grindstone 3 does not yet support Invoicing.
    We are creating a full Invoicing system for Grindstone 3 (as opposed to just a simple report in Grindstone 2), which will permit customization of the invoice, adding line items to it, memory of time that has been invoiced, just to name a few big enhancements. This will be available as an affordable paid add-on to Grindstone 3 at a later date.

  • Grindstone 3 does not support Grindstone 2 profiles.
    Strong separation of task lists is possible via multiple databases in Grindstone 3, and support for custom fields in Grindstone 3 is much more feature rich, so they can fill the role that profiles once did. Grindstone 3 will import a Grindstone 2 database using multiple profiles with profile names being stored in newly created custom field.

  • Grindstone 3 does not have Grindstone 2’s Export XML feature.
    If you are a developer or power user, you can still access your Grindstone 3 databases directly using the Microsoft SQL Server CE driver.

  • Grindstone 3 does not have Grindstone 2’s Autopilot feature.
    As a result, Autopilot tasks imported by Grindstone 3 will be treated as normal tasks.

When you're ready to upgrade, click here to download the Grindstone 3 setup program.

Step 2. Close Grindstone 2.

Grindstone 2 and Grindstone 3 can normally run at the same time. But, in order for Grindstone 3 to completely import your timing data, we recommend you close Grindstone 2 the first time you run Grindstone 3.

If Grindstone 2 is running, click the Grindstone menu and select Exit Grindstone in its Task List window.

Step 3. Install Grindstone 3.

Run the setup program that you downloaded in Step 1 and choose to Install Grindstone 3.

Importing Grindstone 2 Data

Once Grindstone 3 is installed, run it and it will tell you that it has found your Grindstone 2 data. Click Yes, and follow the onscreen instructions.

If you need to import Grindstone 2 data after the initial installation of Grindstone 3, you can access the feature from the Task List's Grindstone menu.